How to Batch and Create Content for Instagram

Do you struggle to think of ideas for instagram photos? Perhaps you don’t have enough, or just don’t have the right ones to get your message across? Maybe you don’t have time to DIY it and working with a pro each time is more than you can handle right now. Never fear, my friend. There is a solution: batch creating instagram content.

Each month, I’ll set aside 1 or 2 days to plan and create content for both my blog and photography business instagram pages. It’s possible!

How to Plan your Instagram Content Calendar

1. Remember that you don’t have to have 30 days of content.

It’s ok to have only 10-20 items of content for the month. That’s because with Instagram’s algorithm, Instagram no longer has a chronological feed. You can see posts from accounts you follow even a few days or so after they post. For that reason, you don’t have to post on a daily basis for your followers to see you content. Think: less is more.

2. Plan your calendar strategically.

Planning is the only way to batch creating Instagram content viable. Think about holidays in the upcoming month, stories you want to tell, and tailor your content strategy towards that.

Have a specific holiday coming up? Think of a project you’ve done that relates so you can repurpose old content or perhaps a message you’d like to share.

3. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Use existing resources to help you in your planning process. Planoly’s blog publishes content calendars as well as holiday calendars each quarter.

Repurposing old content is a great way to whittle away the amount of new content creation you have to make. Think of projects you’ve worked on in the past that might be worth showing again to your followers!

4. Have a story bank.

Copywriters love this, but it’s important for visual content creation as well. A story bank is a list of ideas, or stories you want to tell and can use as inspiration for content creation. This might serve a purpose for blog posts, social media captions, or your about page, but it also is great inspiration for photography!

Have a story bank saved somewhere you can easily access (I personally use Evernote because it’s on my computer and phone and with me pretty much everywhere…)

5. Organize your thoughts with a tool.

I use Later to plan my grid because I want to make sure aesthetically I’m curating and displaying the right images on my grid. Sarah Crawford from Broma Bakery has a great post on how to mix up images for the most eye catching grid.

6. Work with a pro, when possible.

With the proper planning, working with a professional photographer doesn’t have to break the bank. A pro can help you maintain the same style on your grid, and can create a full month’s worth of content in a short amount of time. Contact me today to see if outsourcing visual content creation is right for your business!

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